Small Business Solutions

Reduce your business outgoings and increase profits

Rising energy costs are impacting more and more on the fundamental income of small businesses in Australia and will continue to do so unless small businesses take action now to safeguard their future.

With a range of tax breaks and incentives designed to assist small businesses to overcome the financial pressures of ever increasing energy bills, saving money on energy is a priority.

Switch Your Business to Solar Power

Save Money by Generating the Power for Your Business with Solar.

In Queensland, solar power systems are installed on a net meter. This means the electricity that your system generates is used first in the business and excess electricity is exported to the mains power grid. To maximise returns, you can avoid paying for the electricity you consume yourself during normal business hours and receive a credit on your bill for the surplus power you export to the grid.

With Queensland’s current solar bonus scheme premium feed in tariff,  systems up to 5kW in capacity can receive 8 cent kWh for electricity they export to the electricity grid, plus typically an additional 6-8 cents kWh from the electricity suppliers providing a total of 14-16c/kWh for any solar electricity exported to the grid.

Significant Tax Breaks for Small Business to Invest in Solar Power

The Government is assisting small business in Australia through tax reform targeted at reducing compliance costs and improving cash flow. From the start of the 2012 – 2013 income year small businesses with an annual turnover of less than 2 million can now write-off any asset including solar power systems, to the value of $6,500. Consult your accountant or the ATO for further information.

Switch Your Business to Energy Efficient Lighting

Save Money with LED Lighting. Led lighting lasts 25 times longer and consumes almost 95% less energy than halogen and incandescent globes, reducing your electricity and maintenance costs significantly. SolarWide offers premium led lighting to suit the needs of your business.

SolarWide can advise on and supply energy saving lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, bi-level switches, scheduling and dimming for Sunshine Coast and Brisbane businesses.

Go Solar With SolarWide

Call SolarWide today on 1300 553 425 for more information about solar power for Sunshine Coast and Brisbane based small businesses.

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