Residential Solar

There are three main types of solar – Grid-Connect, Hybird Solar & Off-Grid Solar.

Solarwide can help you with the right advice on the system that best suits your requirements.

Grid Connect Solar

Grid connect solar is mainstay of solar. People install solar panels on there property and use them to power the house during the daytime and sell any excess back too the grid. Therefore offsetting the running costs of the home whilst adding to the value and desirability of the home

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Hybrid Solar

Hybrid solar is much like the above but instead of feeding the excess back to the grid you feed the excess into batteries. therefore the solar powers your daytime use whilst the batteries covers your night time use. You are still connected to the grid so if it rains for a week and your solar output is low you can draw from the grid, (this saves having an oversized battery bank that is only occasionally used.)

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Off-Grid Solar

Off-grid solar is when you have no connection to the grid and are totally stand alone.

The solar charges the batteries and runs the home. It is imperative that the battery bank is designed  to have a few days autonomy in them and often there is a plug in for a generator in the event of a prolonged period of poor weather.

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