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Established in February 2011, SolarWide noticed a gap in the market for quality solar installations. The industry was booming, and we aspired to create a long-term sustainable business that valued quality. 

At SolarWide our mission is to provide outstanding customer service from the time of initial enquiry and long after your solar has been installed. We conduct professional installs that aim to exceed your expectations. 

As an industry leader, we select to use high quality and proven products from manufacturers that we trust, that will be around to honour their extended warranties.

So far, we have built our reputation on the Sunshine Coast predominately from word of mouth referrals. We strongly believe our customers are our greatest advocates for our business. Therefore we are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience.

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The Clean Energy Council (CEC) is authorised by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).


It is a voluntary code of conduct for businesses that sell solar to consumers that demonstrates trust for responsible solar installation. As a CEC retailer, a consumer can be assured that they are purchasing solar from a company that they can rely on.

The program has been designed to increase the minimum requirements set by the government to improve the standard of service within the solar industry.

How this can benefit you? 
  • Your solar representative will act ethically.

  • You will have a minimum of the five-year warranty covering the operation and performance of the PV system.

  • SolarWide adheres to all legislation and regulations.

  • We have a fair and transparent complaints process.

  • SolarWide does not engage in misleading or dishonest advertising. 

Clean Energy Council Approved Retailer

LG Authorised Solar Platinum Partner

SolarWide was hand-selected as the only LG Authorised Solar Partner on the Sunshine Coast. LG Solar has only 80 installation partners Australia-wide.


As an LG Partner, SolarWide offers a competitive price for LG panels and focus on delivering quality customer satisfaction and support.

How does this benefit you? 
  • We buy directly off LG in Container volumes at the Special LG authorised Energy Specialist price and therefore have a buying advantage over others who need to buy from the wholesale solar companies

  • SolarWide has a track record of quality installations.

  • The LG dealer network makes sure you have ongoing support. In the unlikely event that SolarWide closes, LG will recruit another LG authorised Energy Specialist in the area continuing the premium customer care required.

  • LG undertakes random checks on installs by LG Authorised Energy Specialist installers to ensure the highest quality.

  • Begin a part of the LG Dealer network assures you will have ongoing support to manage all aspects of your solar installation.

  • We are up to date with the latest products and we can often get them before most solar installers even know about them.


SMA Power Up Trusted Solar Energy Partner

SolarWide is proud to be part of the SMA Australia Trusted Power-Up Dealer Network.

SMA Power-Up partners are a network of trusted solar companies that are fully qualified and trained to install and service SMA inverters. SolarWide is well equipped with a thorough knowledge of both SMA residential and commercial solutions.

How does this benefit you? 
  • Australian Backed 10-year warranty when purchased through SolarWide as we are a trusted SMA Power-Up partner. Usually, only 5 years when purchased through a company that is not an SMA Power-Up partner.​

  • First 5 years is a full warranty. Second 5 years covers all parts and transport but does not include Installation.