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SolarWide is your local solar panels Sunshine Coast specialist, founded by Nick and Carol Spence and their family in Warana, Queensland. We service the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and also offer commercial solar power systems in most areas of SE Queensland.

SolarWide offer a great range of value for money on grid and off grid solar power systems, hybrid solar power systems and portable solar panels. We also offer a free solar panel scheme for Sunshine Coast and Brisbane homes and businesses.

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Solar Sunshine Coast – SolarWide’s Journey

After completing an Honours Degree in Business in 1992, our Managing Director Nick Spence ran a chain of successful businesses for over 15 years in the UK along with his wife Carol. Following their move to the Sunshine Coast in 2005, Nick and Carol had a vision to help people to live more sustainably. Their family supported their passion for renewable energy and with the same vision, three generations of family members came together to form SolarWide.

With his extensive experience in running a family business, Nick knew the key to success was to offer quality products and professional installation along with first class customer service.

Over the years our business has grown immensely. We have installed thousands of solar panels in homes, businesses and community buildings throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and much of south east Queensland.

Our sales consultants are friendly and knowledgeable and our solar power systems comprise of leading brand solar panels and inverters, from trusted manufacturers. We work hard to ensure our customers are happy. Word of mouth has generated huge growth for our business, our customers are so happy they can’t help but tell all of their friends.

Solar Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Queensland – Incentives

Sunshine Coast solar panels are supported by the Federal government. You can get a sizable subsidy off the price of a solar power system.  If you feed your power into the grid you will be paid for that excess solar power.