SolarWide is your local Sunshine Coast solar specialist, founded by Nick and Carol Spence and their family in Warana, Queensland. We service the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane and also offer commercial solar power systems in most areas of SE Queensland. SolarWide offers a great range of value for money on the grid and off-grid or battery solar power systems for residential and commercial properties.


After completing an Honours Degree in Business in 1992, our Managing Director Nick Spence ran a chain of successful businesses for over 15 years in the UK along with his wife Carol.

Following their move to the Sunshine Coast in 2005, Nick and Carol had a vision to help people to live more sustainably. Their family supported their passion for renewable energy and with the same vision, three generations of family members came together to form SolarWide.

With his extensive experience in running a family business, Nick knew the key to success was to offer quality products and professional installation along with first class customer service. Over the 9 years, SolarWide has grown immensely. We have installed thousands of solar panels in homes, businesses and community buildings throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and much of southeast Queensland.

SolarWide is a family owned and operated business situated in the Sunshine Coast servicing from Brisbane to Gympie. SolarWide has installed thousands of solar power systems over the years and concentrate only on solar power. This has enabled us to become absolute specialists in solar. SolarWide has committed to raising the bar in the solar industry by signing on to the Clean Energy Council Solar Retailer Code of Conduct.


SolarWide follows a strict product selection and screening process to ensure we only supply high-quality solar modules, inverters and system components from leading and well-established companies to help ensure that you will get a highly efficient system that will prove reliable and safe over time. We will discuss with you the different options of panels and inverters, and the importance of quality with the smaller items too (isolators, rail, cable and small electrical components that go into the Solar power system).


At SolarWide we believe integrity and reputation are everything. We put our customers needs first. We realise happy customers are our greatest advocates and we really appreciate the number of customers we get from referrals.

We love helping locals save on their energy costs. We offer an onsite consultation to enable us to evaluate and understand your needs and recommend the best solar system for your individual requirements.


Our onsite consultation is to allow us to look at your power usage patterns and define what size system you require. We will look at panel positioning to enable the best possible results from your roof, considering space, shade, direction, and angle. We will look at your meter to check it is compliant and work out the positioning of the inverter and how we run the cables between panels, inverter, and switchboard. We will discuss expected power returns and how much we would expect your savings to be and discuss the return on investment.

SolarWide Managment


Managing Director

Nick is the Managing Director of SolarWide and works closely with Dan to oversee all elements of the business to make sure that everything is running well and that the business is progressing nicely.

Nick has an Honours degree in business and owned a successful business in the UK prior to moving to Australia in 2005 He has used this fantastic business knowledge and experience to build SolarWide from nothing to where it is today.

In his spare time Nick loves exercising. He has represented Australia and England with mountain running but is also a keen mountain biker. He’s getting close to 60 but he is very competitive and loves surprising people half his age as he goes flying past them.


Director / Accounts

Carol is Nicks wife and has been instrumental in setting up and running the accounting side of the business. As one of the directors, she also obviously keeps a close eye on the other elements of the business.

Everyone likes to keep carol happy as she’s the one that pays all of the wages.

When not at work carol loves nothing more than being out on the mountain bike with Nick and friends. She also loves her veggie garden and creating delicious meals from her hard work. Carol loves living on the Sunshine Coast and finds it one of the most beautiful places in the world.


General Manager

Dan is Nick and Carols son and runs all of the day to day bits of the business and oversees everything to make sure that all is running smoothly. There are very few elements of the business that Dan doesn’t know about. Occasionally you might see him out on a sales call when all of the other consultants are booked out (or sometimes just because he loves doing it) but most of the time he is in the office making sure that all elements of the business are perfect and that all of our staff and customers are happy.

Sometimes it might seem that he is being too fussy about something in the business, but it is for a good reason. Our business has been built on reputation and that is through quality. Quality of service, quality of product and quality of install. Just because there might be a cheaper way or an easier way of doing something, doesn’t mean that it’s the best way. Dan likes to make sure everything is done the best way.

In his spare time Dan likes to spend time with his wife Becca and their 2 children.


Office Manager

Becca is Nick and Carol's daughter-in-law and Dan's better half. She has been part of the business from the very beginning.

Becca does all the design work for SolarWide while also doing the programing of software used in the company to the website design and upkeep & social media.

She also helps out whenever she is needed and is a jack of all trades when it comes to the office. If there is a problem she is always there to fix it!

When she is not in the office, Becca loves spending time with her young family & their family pets - 2 bengal cats Cleo & Padme and cavoodle Rosie.


Installation / Service Manager

Andrew has been with us at SolarWide for years and years. He did his full electrical apprenticeship with us and has now progressed to be the Installation / Service Manager.

He ensures all of our installs run as smoothly as possible and that everything is running as it should.

He works tirelessly for us during the week but in his spare time he’s basically in or on the water. He’s either surfing, paddling or boating. He also loves taking his dog Zoe for walks on the beach.

SolarWide Energy Consultants

Our solar consultants are here to help; they are highly trained, love solar and are here to make your decision easier. We don’t do highpressure sales like other companies. We simply have good products at great prices installed to the highest standard. What we offer sells



Solar Energy Consultant

Warwick started with SolarWide up on the roof as a trade assistant but when he knew we were looking for a new sales person he jumped at the chance and has excelled.

He has dedicated a lot of personal time to further developing his knowledge and learning more and more about solar.

He’s incredibly passionate about the environment and loves that solar helps him make a difference. In his spare time he loves spending time with his family and is an avid gardener.


Solar Energy Consultant

Jeb is now part of our sales team but he is also a fully qualified CEC installer and electrician. He used to run one of our install crews, but in the middle of 2019 he decided that he wanted to give the body a rest and look for a new challenge. He is deeply passionate about solar so the natural direction was to step into sales.

In his spare time he likes playing basketball and spending time with his family.


Solar Energy Consultant

Javier was previously selling solar for a Sydney based solar company but in early 2020 he moved with his wife and children from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast. Javier came highly recommended to us by the General Manager of LG’s solar division and we can now see why he was recommended.

In his spare time Javier loves spending time with his family and caring for his amazing collection of birds.


Solar Energy Consultant

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SolarWide Office Staff

Our office team are there to deal with all the administration and paperwork involved to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.

They handle all the appointment booking, permissions, STC paperwork, handover packs and so much more.



Cas is on the front desk and takes most of the incoming enquiry, booking in all our teams appointments and helps the sales team on a day to basis. She’s a go getter and makes sure that everything gets done on time.

In her spare time she loves to go searching for new plants to add to her growing collection.



Tracey looks after all the paperwork to be submitted before and after the solar install and will send out your paperwork after the job is completed. Tracey has a can-do attitude… if she can’t do something, will find out how!

On the weekends you will find Tracey riding her bike to the beach or camping with her family.



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Digital Marketing

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SolarWide Installation Team

Our install teams are highly experienced and take great pride in their work. We have multiple install teams that are all employees and not
contractors. This enables us to do residential jobs with ease and allows us to take on larger jobs at any time as we have the staff on hand to
cope with it.

They are hand-picked and fully employed by us. Therefore we can control every aspect of the process to enable us to deliver excellent
customer service and a quality installation. We believe we should do it once and do it right.


CEC Installer

Jarron is one of our CEC qualified electricians and is a technical wizard. He’s normally very quiet and reserved but don’t let that fool you.

He’s one to the best electricians you’ll ever meet and is the one that all the other boys call when they need advice with a tricky electrical question.

In his spare time he loves spending time with his kids and partner.


CEC Installer

Callan is one of our CEC qualified electricians and is always trying to learn more and develop himself. Cal finished off his apprenticeship with us and then progressed to running his own teams.

His workmanship is impeccable and he is always striving to improve.

In his spare time he loves riding his motocross bike, gaming and getting away camping with his family.


CEC Installer

Ryan is one of our CEC qualified electricians. He is very experienced with large commercial solar installations as well as smaller residential systems. Ryan has proven to be a great asset to the company and his knowledge especially with commercial systems is fantastic.

In his spare time Ryan likes spending time with his young family.


CEC Installer

Greg is one of our CEC qualified electricians. He has been an electrician for over 20 years and loves solar. He always gets on well with our customers and is always up for a chat.

In his spare time he loves watching Cricket and Footy.


electrical apprentice

Brodie started off as one of our trade assistants but has now been signed up as a 1st Year Electrical Apprentice.

Before solar he had good experience in roofing and decided to transition his skills to helping us on the roof installing solar.

In his spare time he’s loves his video games and relaxing.


electrical apprentice

Rob started off his apprenticeship 16 years ago whilst working for his Dads electrical business but partway through he took some time off to pursue music. He is now back in the electrical industry and super excited to be well on his way to being a fully qualified electrician.

Rob is incredibly keen to learn and absorb as much information as he can so that he can be the best electrician he can be.


electrical apprentice

Nick started his apprenticeship with another local solar company but he has moved over to us at SolarWide and is doing great. He has proven himself really well, and is well on his way to becoming a fully qualified electrician. We have shown him the SolarWide way to install and he has learnt that we demand the absolute best quality as that is what our reputation has been built on.

In his spare time Nick loves spending time with his partner and walking their dog.


Trade Assistant

Jake is one of our trade assistants. He’s always keen to do whatever is needed and gives everything his all.

Despite having an incredibly physical job, in his spare time he pretty much lives in the gym.

solar just makes sense.