Businesses In Adelaide Are Being Offered Solar Grants To Make Their Buildings More Energy-Efficient!

Businesses In Adelaide Are Being Offered $150,000 In State Government Grants To Install Solar Panels, Making Their Buildings More Energy-Efficient!

Everyone knows businesses have the most to gain from installing solar panels as generally working hours closely follow sunshine hours.

The funding matches $150,000 the Adelaide City Council has invested in the scheme.

Environment Minister Ian Hunter said businesses could get up to $5,000 for energy storage systems and rooftop solar and lesser amounts for other energy efficiency measures.

“We hope that building owners will see that it’s in their own interest to invest in this sort of technology,” Mr. Hunter said.

“If the government and the City Council together can offer a little bit of incentive to encourage them to move quickly again that will drive investment in these technologies but also jobs for the local communities and employers.”

PV SolarIt is Budget day it would be great for Queensland businesses to get a further incentive to install solar and storage. Queensland has been the leader amongst our states in uptake of residential solar but has been slow compared to other states in regard to solar for business. It is not the large scale solar I am talking about it is small shops, cafes and small industrial units.

The savings are great the return on investment works and with the write down of asset purchases under $20,000 for ‘small business’ now being able to be written off in one year  it makes solar even more accessible for business premises.

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