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Commercial solar systems are often larger than residential solar, but in many cases, they offer an even quicker return on investment than residential solar power.

Most businesses on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, and Gympie use electricity during the day. Not only will you reduce your electricity costs, but you will also contribute to a smarter, efficient business that runs on clean energy. Solar power can offset all of your daytime electricity use, so it only makes sense to invest today.

Solar energy systems from reputable solar providers like SolarWide require minimal maintenance and are designed to deliver optimum performance throughout its lifetime.


At SolarWide, we directly employ all of our fantastic teams of fully qualified solar installers. All of our work is done in house and NOT by subcontractors. Our teams are committed to providing a professional install with outstanding customer service that exceeds your expectations.

goverment incentives for businesses with solar


The Queensland Government has subsidies available for
 switching to solar energy.

solar for business provide roi



Selecting an efficient system will deliver a continual return on investment for your business.

reduce business environmental impact


Deliver on your business sustainability commitment by reducing CO2 emissions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in commercial solar power?

Solar power only works during the day when the sun is shining; this is when businesses experience high levels of usage. Solar energy can offset the power consumed during the day, and therefore, all this electricity is generated free from the sun. Also known as self-consumption and is the best way for solar to give the best return.

Here at SolarWide, we have sophisticated software that can analyse your electricity consumption every 30 minutes, for the last 12 months. So, we can determine the most suitable solar system for your business based upon your power usage patterns.

By identifying power usage patterns, SolarWide can design a system to suit the time of usage. For example, if you have a peak usage in the morning, it makes sense to have a lot of the solar array facing East to capture the most power from the morning sun. If you had a high usage in the afternoon, it would make sense to have most of the solar array facing West.

Can I access solar Government support?

Small Scale Technology Certificates

For solar systems under 100kW, your business can benefit from the Federal Governments solar incentive scheme and benefit from STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates). This incentive dramatically reduces the cost of your solar system. An STC’s is claimable once the system has been installed and commissioned. At SolarWide, we give you the STC discount at the point of sale, and then we declare the cost to claim back from the Government after the installation of the system. So, you don't have to worry about the application process.

Large Scale Generation Certificates

For systems of 100kW and over, you are not eligible to claim STC’s, instead can claim LGC’s. The LGC’s are paid based on how much electricity your system has generated over a time frame. For systems over 100kw, eligible for the LGC government incentives is claimed back over a period of time.

How does my business pay for commercial solar?

We understand that commercial solar can be a considerable upfront cost. Therefore, we have partnered with Energy Ease for commercial solar finance options. Energy Ease has competitive rates and have a straightforward process to get your solar organised.

  • Instant approval for transactions up to 150k with no financials (subject to credit criteria and approval) Up to 10-year terms
  • For equipment valued between $3k and $5 million
  • $0 upfront
  • Highly competitive plans
  • Payments may be fully tax deductible

In most cases, our customers are saving generously from the start. Generally, your benchmark return on investment is between 20 to 40 per cent per year. Then, if you’re paying off your panels on a 2.5 to 5 year plan, that calculates to be a substantial ROI and sustainable energy practice for your organisation.

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