Harnessing and Converting the Solar Power

Investing in your environment’s future begins with the research and purchase of a solar energy producing system. One part of that system is the Solar Inverter or what it is most commonly referred to as “the Brains” of the organization. Solarwide installation specialists are available around the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland to guide you through all your questions, just ask anything you need to know from the inverter to the installation, they have the answers. Understanding its role and the power it has will help you understand the overall importance that it plays in the system itself.

A solar inverter works to pull the energy produced from the solar panels and pass it along into households. In the process of pulling it from the panels, it is pulling it in what is referred to as DC or direct current. Once the inverter has a hold of the energy, it converts the power into an AC or alternate current in order for a household to be able to utilize the power usable and effective. The solar panels do not create AC power; therefore, without a solar inverter, you could not be able to get the energy into your home.

Deciding which solar inverter is right for your home would depend on your preference, needs as well as the location of your home. There are three types of inverters.

Stand-alone Inverters – You do not need to plug these devices into your electricity, they are run on battery power obtained by the solar PV system. Nice Choice for Non-Grid Tied Systems

Grid-Tied Systems- works with the utility/power company if the power is out, so is your solar system. They have no backup power system during any outage emergencies.

Battery backup inverters –These are what you really want. They draw energy from a battery but they also take the excess energy and sell it back to the utility company. They can also supply AC currents during outages.

Each year, a 5kw system can produce an annual savings around the $1800 range. That is about $150 per month. The best savings can be realized in the impact that it has on the environment. There is less waste on the environmental end such as tree losses, toxic chemicals in the air, pollution, and the utilization of fairly quick renewable resources.

Keeping Australia beautiful, rich and clean starts with one person at a time and that one person should know that Solarwide is the Sunshine Coast and South East Queensland solar power installation specialists. Let them help you define the confusing parts about solar energy and what it can do for your home or business. The solar inverter is only the brains, the rest are the controllers.

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