Sunshine Coast Solar Panel Cleaning and Maintenance

SolarWide offers a Sunshine Coast solar panel cleaning and maintenance service for any grid- connected solar power system installed on the Sunshine Coast. We ensure that everything is working correctly and you’re getting the optimum output from your solar power system.

Full Service Health Check – Sunshine Coast solar panel cleaning and maintenance check from just $269*

Our Solar Health Check is carried out by a CEC accredited electrician and includes:

  • Detailed Inspection of your solar panel system
  • Cleaning of solar panels
  • Removal of debris surrounding the solar panel array and cabling
  • Power output check
  • Cable check
  • Mounting check
  • Test switches
  • Signage check
  • Re-application of sealer if necessary

We offer our Solar Panel clean and maintenance service as a once off service or you may choose to sign up for our annual health check program.

*Quoted price includes up to 5kW solar panel system on a single story house within 50 km drive from Warana, Queensland. Add $30 for a double story house. For larger systems, please contact for a price.