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SolarWide Management

SolarWide Energy Consultants

Our solar energy consultants are here to help; they are highly trained, love solar and are here to make your decision easier.  We don't do high-pressure sales like other companies.  We simply have outstanding products at great prices installed to the highest of standards.  What we offer, sells itself.

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SolarWide Office Staff

Our office team are there to deal with all the administration and paperwork involved to make the process as easy and smooth as possible.  They handle all the appointment booking, Energex permissions, STC paperwork, through to billing, payments, digital warranty packs and much more. 

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SolarWide Installation Team

Our installation teams are highly experienced and take great pride in their work.  We have multiple install teams that are all employees and not contractors.  This enables SolarWide to do residential jobs with ease and allows us to take on larger jobs at any time as we are ready with the staff on hand.

Our team are hand-picked and fully employed by SolarWide.  Which allows us to control every aspect of the installation process, so we can deliver excellent customer service and a quality installation.  We believe in doing it once and doing it right.

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