SMA Sunny Boy Inverters

About SMA

Founded in 1981, SMA is the market leader and the world’s largest producer of solar inverters and monitoring systems. With headquartered in Germany, SMA has offices here in Australia as well as in 16 other countries worldwide. SMA employs more than 5000 people and accounts for over 40% of the global inverter market.

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter are characterized by a particularly high efficiency of up to 98.7 %, which allows for increased electricity production. Unlike most inverters that come with a standard 5 year factory warranty, SMA are so confident in their inverters, they offer an extendable warranty of up-to 25 years.

The SMA Sunny Boy Inverter is technologically the most important component in any solar power system: it converts the direct current generated in photovoltaic cells into alternating current suitable for the grid. In addition, it is an intelligent system manager, responsible for yield monitoring and grid management.

Whether it’s the Berlin Central train station in Germany, the White House in Washington DC or the Olympic Park Boulevard in Sydney, SMA are a trusted and experienced brand of inverters that are in operation around the world.

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How Solar Power Works From SMA

SMA Sunny Boy Inverters – Optimum Efficiency and Reliability

SMA Warranty

SMA Sunny Boy Inverter comes with an Australian backed warranty by SMA Australia.  5-year Factory warranty (extendable up to 25 years)