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Servicing the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Brisbane and surrounds. 

Experience quality solar for your home.

A grid-connect solar power system for your home is a
cost-effective power solution that can save you money on your quarterly electricity bill.

SolarWide has a great range of high-quality solar panels and inverters for your home on the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane or in the Gympie region. We install residential and commercial systems for all applications, ranging from small 1.5kW systems up to large scale 200kW + systems.

At SolarWide we directly employ all of our own fully qualified solar installers that are accredited with the Clean Energy Council. Our team are committed to providing a professional install with outstanding customer service that meets your expectations. 


Make the switch to solar today, it's a fantastic investment that can increase your property value and protect your family from rising electricity costs.

ROI Incentives


The Queensland Government has subsidies available for switching to solar energy.


Solar panels require minimum maintenance, a quality solar panel will produce electricity for more than 25 years.


Homebuyers today are more inclined to buy a home that will save them money on electricity costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why invest in residential solar?

Solar power works most efficiently during the day when the sun is shining but will still work well on cloudy and overcast days. Even in the rain, your solar system will generally still produce some power. You can use this solar energy to offset the power consumed during the day, and therefore, all this electricity is generated free from the sun. Also known as self-consumption. It's the best way for solar to give the best return.

In addition to being able to offset your daytime electricity usage, you can sell excess unused electricity back to your power company.

If you want to increase your self-consumption and reduce your reliance on the power grid, you can also install a battery to power your through times of high demand or to cover your night time usage.

Other great reasons to consider solar are:

  • Solar is sustainable for the environment.

  • Solar adds value to your property.

  • SolarWide systems are built to last.

  • You will guard your home against future electricity prices.

  • Substantial financial incentives are available.

Can I access solar Government support?

Small Scale Technology Certificates

For solar systems under 100kW, your home or business can benefit from the Federal Governments solar incentive scheme and benefit from STC’s (Small Scale Technology Certificates). This incentive dramatically reduces the cost of your solar system. STC’s are claimable once the system has been installed and commissioned. At SolarWide, we give you the STC discount at the point of sale, and then we declare the cost to claim back from the Government after the installation of the system. So, you don't have to worry about the application process.

How can I pay for residential solar?

We understand that residential solar can be an expensive upfront cost. Therefore, we have partnered with Plenti for personal solar financing options. Plenti is an award winning personal loan company that has competitive rates for home improvement loans. The company has a straightforward process to help you get your solar organised.

  • Quick and easy personal loans up to $45,000
  • Canstar Outstanding Value award winner for personal loans
  • Low personalised rates, Plenti will reward you if you have a good credit history
  • Highly competitive plans
  • No monthly or early repayment fees

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