How much could you be saving with Solar?

Use our simple SolarWide energy calculator below to work out how much you could really be saving on your electricity bills when you convert to a solar energy system.

Enter the details from your previous electricity bill in the form below to view the approximate savings you could make.

Solar Calculator

Estimated saving may vary from your actual savings & is based on many assumptions.

This saving calculator does not take into account unknown factors such as shade, temperature etc.

Calculations are based on a North facing unshaded installation in S.E QLD & based on 4.2 P.S.H

Electricity price & solar feed-in tariff is calculated using Energy Australia residential solar rates for S.E QLD (Energex region). These figures were correct as of 12/11/2019 but may change over time & will vary between retailers.

This information is to be used as a guide only & does not constitute purchasing advice.