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Fronius Inverter


About Fronius

For over 60 years the name Fronius has stood for intensive research and the constant search for new, innovative solutions. The Solar Energy Division has been involved in photovoltaics since 1992 and sells its products throughout the world. Fronius opened its Australian branch for Solar Electronics in 2010.  Fronius produces exceptional products and services are what make the Fronius Solar Energy Division the quality leader in the global market and a model of sustainability.

Solar energy is converted into electricity and fed into the public grid. Efficient, reliable, high power inverters form the heart of any PV system. In the development of PV inverters, Fronius has thought out new technologies, searched for innovative solutions, and has found completely new answers. The result: Highly functional mains-connected inverters, which interact optimally with all solar modules.


Fronius Primo Inverters

The Fronius Primo in power categories from 3.0 to 8.2 kW perfectly completes the new SnapINverter generation.

This Fronius Primo is the ultimate inverter for residential systems. Its state-of-the-art SuperFlex Design offers maximum flexibility in system design, while the SnapINverter mounting system makes installation and maintenance easier than ever before.

When the Fronius Inverter is partnered with the Fronius Smart Meter helps home owners and small business owners to keep on top of their self-consumption of solar power generation. Together with Fronius Solar.web, the Fronius Smart Meter presents a clear overview of energy used within the home or business, and intelligently coordinates the energy flows and optimises energy management.

Fronius Warranty

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Fronius Australian Backed Warranty – 5 year factory warranty (extendable up-to 20 years).

  • Register today and Get a 10 Year Warranty For Free. Promotion valid for all Fronius string inverters installed & registered between 01/01/2016 and 31/12/2016. For terms and conditions see fronius.com/solar/warranty. Registration at www.solarweb.com

For more information go to www.fronius.com/cps/rde/xchg/fronius_australia

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