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About Sungrow

Sungrow Inverters

Sungrow was founded in China in 1997 and has established itself as the second largest inverter manufacturer worldwide, behind SMA the market leader. Sungrow’s reputation for innovative, quality products, reliability and service are what has enabled it to achieve such growth. Some of their largest growth recently has been Germany, the UK and the USA.

Sungrow has an Australian office offering support and after-sales service. Sungrow has over 1000 employees and is able to produce a high-quality product at an affordable price.

SolarWide has selected Sungrow because of their longstanding tried and tested reputation for quality, reliability and innovation yet at around half the price of theGerman-made SMA inverters they are an affordable alternative.

Sungrow Warranty

SunGrow Australian Backed Warranty – 5 year factory warranty (extendable up-to 20 years).

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