solar power solutions

SolarWide are your local Solar Power Sunshine Coast and Brisbane experts. Investing in a solar power system is a smart decision that will not only help the environment but will save you money, year after year.
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A residential solar power system is connected to the electricity grid. The solar power system generates free electricity during the day when the sun is shining and the electricity grid provides your electricity the rest of the time, e.g. at night or in poor weather conditions.

COMMERCIAL solar power systems

A commercial solar power system is becoming a popular investment for businesses of all sizes, as they step up and take action to protect their business from ever rising electricity costs. Schools, businesses and community groups, we can help you future proof your organisation.

OFF-GRID solar power systems

An off-grid solar power system is a standalone system, not connected to the mains electricity grid.
An off grid solar power system can be a cost effective solution in remote areas when it is too expensive
to connect mains power.


A friendly and knowledgeable solar power sunshine coast consultant can come to your home or business to discuss your needs and offer advice on the best solution for you.