Are Your Commercial Energy Costs As Low As They Could Be?

At the end of the day, all commercial businesses large and small need to make a profit. Increasing profits by reducing expenses should be a priority. It is important to cut costs in the right parts of your business to ensure you don’t sacrifice key areas. Lowering your energy costs is a simple and efficient way to do so.

Commercial Solar Power

Rising electricity prices and recent advances in solar technology make a commercial solar power system a cost-effective investment with short payback periods and long-term benefits. Solar panel prices have fallen substantially in recent months and subsequently, solar power is now an affordable option providing commercial businesses with an opportunity to generate their own electricity, directly reducing their energy costs.

If you are a commercial business or building owner, SolarWide is a trusted local company that gives you peace of mind that comes with knowledge and experience. We have installed solar power systems on residential and commercial properties, schools and community buildings right across the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane. Our fully qualified and clean energy council accredited solar installers take a high level of pride in their work, ensuring the highest standards of workmanship

Recognised in the industry for high quality and excellence in service, SolarWide provides reliable products that are not only safe and resilient but have been independently tested and are backed by comprehensive warranties.

Commercial Lighting

Led lighting poses another strong opportunity to reduce your commercial property’s energy consumption, with modern LED’s lasting 25 times longer and consuming almost 95% less energy than halogen and incandescent globes. Significantly reducing your electricity bills and cutting maintenance costs.

Lighting controls such as occupancy sensors, bi-level switches, scheduling and dimming also a great way to save energy and reduce peak demand in commercial buildings.


Selling or Leasing Your Commercial Office Building?

Commercial Building Disclosure requires you to disclose a building Energy Efficiency Certificate if you are selling or leasing office space with a net lettable area of 2000 square meters or more.

Making your building more efficient by installing solar power or led lighting can increase your buildings NABERS rating. With improved sustainability, your building will be more attractive to buyers and tenants and will offer great investment performance. If your lease your commercial property to tenants you can generate additional income by selling them power.


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