Off-grid Solar Sunshine Coast, Brisbane & Greater QLD

Off-Grid solar power is the perfect solution for homes and businesses that do not have a reliable power supply, or who choose to be independent of the mains electricity grid.

Be Your Own Utility Company

SolarWide design, supply and install off grid solar power systems that provide safe and reliable power for a range of applications. From small holiday cabins to large homes and businesses, even entire communities an off grid solar power system is the eco-friendly alternative that allows you to be completely independent of the power grid and means no power bills, ever!  These systems are often referred to as “stand alone” or “remote area” power systems.

How Off Grid Solar Power Works

Solar panels use sunlight to generate electricity, this electricity then charges a battery bank to store your power for use as needed. At night you use your stored power, and the sun recharges the batteries the next day. Simple!


The Main Types Of Batteries Used Are

Tubular gels AGM  deep cycle Batteries
These are tried and tested over many years and have proved to be a reliable technology with the depth of discharge down to 50% they have a long life cycle are designed for slow Charging which is perfect for solar power systems.

The disadvantage is they are large, heavy and take up space

Lithium Iron Phosphate.

The main advantage is size, weight, portability and speed of charging which is great for electric cars and computers etc. but not too relevant to solar power but nice to have. The depth of discharge is said to be greater than deep cycle batteries.(down to 80%). The main disadvantage is the technology has not been around for long and has not stood the test of time. The other is the cost. Lithium iron batteries are more expensive than than AGM tubular gel batteries.


Off Grid Solar Power Rebates

Generous financial incentives are available that will greatly reduce the cost of your off-grid solar power system through the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

Eligible small scale off-grid solar power systems are entitled to a number of small scale technology certificates (STC’s) based on the amount of MWH of electricity the system generates over its lifetime.


Grid Connect Solar Power with Battery Backup

As an alternative to off-grid solar power, we can also supply a grid connect system that can be connected to the mains grid but also connect to batteries, ideal for backup power and to avoid high costs from electricity company’s during peak hours. Please contact us for further information on battery backup solar power systems.

We will take the time to understand your requirements and work with you to design the optimal system for your individual needs and budget.