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Everything Sunshine Coast Residents Need to Know About Queensland’s CleanCo Renewable Energy Generator

The Queensland Government has announced plans for a third Government owned energy company called ‘CleanCo’. The existing two are CS Energy and Stanwell. According to the fact sheet, CleanCo will be established to “meet a key policy objective of 50 per cent renewable energy…

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How Long Does It Take Solar Panels To Be Carbon Positive?

A common point raised in renewable energy discussions is that the environmental cost of producing items such as solar panels is high. After all they are made from non-renewable resources and fossil fuels. Common objection: “The environmental costs to produce…

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The Four Most Common Misconceptions About Solar Power

We all have our misconceptions about solar power; how does it work? how reliable are the panels? how does the technology actually help you save money? We want to dispel some of the myths and misconceptions around solar panels and…

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Solar Power for Sunshine Coast Businesses

Is solar a good business decision?

Like many Australian business owners, you are probably looking for a way to lower your overhead costs and improve the bottom line. Cutting costs is one of the best possible ways to accomplish these goals. There are various ways to…

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How Much Can I Save With Solar?

People choose to go solar for several reasons: Environmental Financial Personal (some people realize they can produce and store their power and just don’t want to be part of the system). The days of high feed in tariffs are well…

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Harnessing and Converting the Solar Power

Investing in your environment’s future begins with the research and purchase of a solar energy producing system. One part of that system is the Solar Inverter or what it is most commonly referred to as “the Brains” of the organization….

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Businesses In Adelaide Are Being Offered Solar Grants To Make Their Buildings More Energy-Efficient!

Businesses In Adelaide Are Being Offered $150,000 In State Government Grants To Install Solar Panels, Making Their Buildings More Energy-Efficient! Everyone knows businesses have the most to gain from installing solar panels as generally working hours closely follow sunshine hours….

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