David Shute

About 14 months ago I approached Solarwide for a quote on a 5kw system. After comparing several quotes and different systems it was obvious to me that the Solarwide installation would be of a very high quality, as the price was very compatible with other quotes I went ahead with the system. The installers arrived on time, left no mess and straight away I could see the financial benefits. Once I learned to slightly modify my power consumption timing I estimated a saving of approx 75% over a 12 month period. The system has been operating perfectly since day one and I continue to reap the financial plus environmental benefits. My poor elderly neighbours were targeted by a rouge installer and have had issues ever since. If only they had done their research in the first place.
I have no hesitation in recommending Nick and his team from Solarwide.
Instal today, start saving tomorrow.
Dave Shute