Deborah Caton

Big 5 stars , I could not find the star rating

I am very happy that I chose Solarwide to install my panels. Their service extends well beyond installation. I like the fact that Solarwide use their own staff for installation unlike many others who use contractors. I find that by using your own staff the companies good name is well looked after.
Solarwide has gone above and beyond for me and I can tell you they are genuine people. I recently found out just how so when I required a clean of my panels (installed almost 4 years ago) due to a major amount of bat droppings in the panels. I got unforseeably very sick this year in March expected to die , have been away from my home until August requiring medical treatment. When Solarwide heard of my misfortune this year and not able to work for sometime,they sent their people out to clean my panels free of charge.
Just proves peeps that there are good people in the world and good companies who have compassion. Solarwide is this company.
So if you want value for money and a company who really understands your needs , please choose Solarwide 😀
Can’t thank you enough . Deborah