Sto Bene

When we were considering having Solar Panels, we started doing our homework and in no time I had to sort out the Man-Eaters ( SHARKS ) and there’s plenty of them out there believe me all full of promises but when it came to pricing I knew which were the men & which were the Boys.

I had contacted 9 Solar Suppliers, not a one was offering what we wanted either the price was way out of our league or the waiting for installation too long, then searching through the internet I came across SOLARWIDE & decided to see what they had to offer as far as pricing, supply & installation & they weren’t even local but up the coast, their promise was the price had no hidden costs Dan was very helpful all the way with which also included instruction from their Electrician how to go about the connection with the grid, Solarwide had us up & ready to start supplying to the grid, once connected in 1 day their installers were very efficient & polite my wife & I would not hesitate recommending SOLARWIDE to anyone that would ask us who provided our SOLAR SYSTEM I might even add we have had no issues at all…John.