We live in a beautiful part of the world and the sun shines most days. It makes sense to capture that resource and use it to produce clean energy. Electricity costs have risen very substantially over the last 5 years so people are keen to offset their substantial bills. Solar is the answer.

1. Environmental benefits

We love solar ! At Solarwide we care deeply about the environment and the part solar pays in reducing the emissions, but the best part is Solar power is a win win for all. It helps the the environment at the same time as helping the house owner save money on their power costs.

2. Adds value to your Property and repays itself in a short time

The price of solar has reduced substantially over recent years. A well designed and sized system will repay itself in four to five years and keep on saving you money for many years to come. In these days of low interest rates where else do you get an annual return of 20% to 25% per year. Solar will also add value to you property if you decide to sell in the future and make it easier to sell.

3. Solar is built to last
A good quality solar system will last 25 years and a small investment now will keep you saving for many years.

4. Guard against future electricity price increases.

The electricity produced by the solar is saving you money from day one, but as power prices continue to increase, the savings also grow and the payback period is shortened.

5. Financial incentives are still available and very substantial

The Government incentive for solar power is still available to reduce the cost to the customer (on a 5kw system it is almost $4000)