Solarwide provide a great range of solar products and services across the Sunshine Coast and the Brisbane region, and the friendly staff are always happy to answer any questions you might have. Below are some of the commonly asked questions and answers which might help you in the meantime

The modern solar system is becoming highly efficient and provides sufficient electricity for the daily needs of the average home. The system consists of the panels, which send DC power to an inverter, which then converts it to AC power for supplying energy for the house. Any excess power will be sold back to the grid for a nominal price per kw. It is important to size the system correctly so you get your best return for your investment. The amount of electricity created depends on the solar system’s capacity. SolarWide commonly supply solar power systems for big homes, for offices and commercial buildings, and different families with different habits and usage patterns. Talk to us now about sizing your system to best suit your needs.

Cloud reduces the effectiveness of solar but, even on a cloudy day, there is enough energy in the daylight to create electricity. But we are lucky to live in the Sunshine State which is one of the best places in the world for solar.

SolarWide provides only high quality solar panels that are made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is up to 6 times stronger than normal plate glass and is made to withstand extreme weather conditions such as hail and snow. Beware that some of the cheaper solar panel brands sold by other companies and most thin film brands may include normal plate glass which is not as strong. In the Sunshine Coast and Brisbane hail is a real possibility so it’s best to insist on tempered glass. Our REC panels are one of the strongest in the industry and have been tested to withstand hail at 80 klm/hr up to 35mm wide hitting the surface. We advise you should check with your insurance company to see if they are covered.

STC’s (small scale technology certificates) are the government incentive offered to encourage the uptake of solar power. They do amount to a substantial saving of the real price of the system. Most people like to assign the STC’s to us in lieu of payment. Therefore only pay around 60 % of the real system price and we claim the STC’s directly as the other part of the payment. You are welcome to pay the full cost of the system and claim the stc’s yourself but we are yet to meet someone who wants to do it that way. All solar companies advertise the cost to the customers after STC’s have been claimed. STC’s are a tradable commodity and as such can fluctuate in price we offer the price at the time of signing the contract.


The standard grid connect system will not power your home in a blackout it needs the grid power to power the inverter. If you want a system that can power your home in a blackout you should look at a Hybrid system.

Normally within two or three weeks of the order. 

Most residential systems are installed in one day. 

Yes but only for a short period of around half an hour at a mutually agreeable time. This is something to be discussed with the installer on the day.

Both Energex/ Ergon rules require the system to be switched off until they do the upgrade to the meter to allow the power to flow both ways. The day after the install SolarWide will put in the EWR (electrical works request) to Energex or Ergon they will contact your energy provider and wait confirmation from them(business to business agreement). Only once that is received will Energex/ Ergon book a time to do the meter changes.

This is very random some people can be connected in a week others can be longer  but normally 2 weeks after you energy supplier provides the paperwork to them.

This is very random some people can be connected in a week others can be longer  but normally 2 weeks after you energy supplier provides the paperwork to them. We are installing a lot of new builds at the moment and in many cases we pre-wire the solar prior to  Gyproc, it  means all the conduit is hidden  in the walls.  We can work off plans in most cases and many builders allow us to do the install prior to completion.